production team

Meet the crew of creatives & managers who are making 'draping' happen.


kennedie king

Co-creator & director

Kennedie Camille King is a multidisciplinary artist, director, and curator whose work seeks to explore and critique intersectional narratives about queer dark skin Black Women. She is currently a junior at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, double majoring in Communication Arts and Afro-American Studies, where she is a part of the First Wave Hip Hop Urban Arts Scholarship Program. Through the First Wave community she has been able to continue her art as a poet and performer. In the spring of 2017, King had her directorial debut with the production ‘Where Guilt Exists’, a one woman show written and performed by former UW student, Nora Herzog. The 45 min show engaged audiences in a discourse about survivor's guilt in the face of epidemic suicide. Her interdisciplinary approach to storytelling allows for dynamic interplay between the narrative and the visual.


tiffany ike

co-creator & Executive Producer

Tiffany Ike is a multidisciplinary artist from Houston, TX. She currently studies Psychology and Communication Arts at UW-Madison. She is a First Wave Scholar where she continues her art as a performer, writer, and creator. She has had her visual work showcased in many places such as the African American Museum in Philadelphia and has performed poetry on stages like Tedx Houston. Tiffany has done research on communication within race relations, which led to her one woman performance entitled DROPS through an Artist in Residency with the Wheelhouse Studios.  In 2017, she made her debut as a director and playwright in her production of Ball & Chain, a story that explores the socialization of blackness and masculinity. This production has been performed throughout the state of Wisconsin and continues to tour. As a storyteller, Tiffany seeks to create spaces to helps others tell theirs. She works with The JVN project, an organization that uses hip-hop as a tool of empowerment as the Director of Events. She has a passion for physical and mental health and how they impact each other. Ice cream is her meal of choice, black sitcoms before 2005 give her life, and every once in a while she relives her hoops dreams at the gym.

Tiffany aspires to be a screenwriter for film and showrunner for television series.


duke virginia


Duke Virginia, self-taught visual artist born and raised in Detroit,Mi. Her current medium of choice and first love is film & photography. Duke has worked previously with local artist like 3rd Dimension, Landon Devon, Strange Oasis & Lucien Parker. She's also done work for various organizations in the Madison area such as MGE & Living in Balance, University of Wisconsin, and Mindfulness for The People. She's currently venturing into the world of filmmaking and cinematography and is excited to be a part of the draping family. 

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azuree dodson

set designer

Azuree (Auzzie) Dodson began her technical theatre knowledge in 2013 at duPont Manual High School through the Youth Performing Arts School’s Design and Production department. After taking many rigorous classes (i.e. Stagecraft1-4, Drafting, Advanced Scenic Painting, etc.) she graduated with a Technical Certificate. While under Design and Production’s wing she learned to break the mold of how technical theatre is perceived. While scenery was her niche, Auzzie also held positions of Stage Manager, Props Master, Sound Technician, and costumer. Auzzie hopes to continue to challenge societal view with this latest project.


Adjua nsoroma

costume designer

Adjua Nsoroma is a visual artist and fashion designer. She specializes in painting and drawing.  She thoroughly enjoys creating and has been practicing art all her life and sewing for a couple of years now. Adjua is a  Milwaukee Native but is now attending University of Wisconsin-Madison as a First Wave scholar studying textile design, Using experimental mediums, she focuses on figure painting/ drawing using symbolism throughout her art. In her artwork she strives to make women visible especially women of color.  Even in her short life Adjua has showed this through many different mediums. Adjua wants to show woman of color can be funny and sad, simple and complex, soft or rough around the edges. But in all we are beautiful.


hailey sisk

music director

Hey, I'm Hailey and I'm the music director for draping! I like creating and producing music, my main genre being hip-hop/r&b. I also recently started playing classical guitar. My other interests include streetwear fashion, tennis, and cinematography. If you want, come listen to my radio show on 91.7FM -- Tuesdays at 11pm


Julia Levine


Julia Levine is a student activist/photographer from Madison, WI. She mainly photographs women, aiming to convey subtle truths about their identities through metaphorical posed portraits. She also is involved with photojournalistic work, currently documenting racial justice activists throughout Wisconsin. 


isha Camara

creative intern

Isha Camara is a 18-year-old visual and verbal artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her art first started with scribbling over napkins and getting in trouble for drawing all over tests and homework. She always managed to grab some printer paper, leftover pens and let her hand flow freely. However, getting proper brushes, paints and/or real drawing paper wasn’t possible due to other financial obligations that took place at home. It made her feel as though her sketches would only remain as doodles.

However, that didn’t stop Isha from watching videos of other artists, learning techniques and personalizing it to her own craft. But now she that she’s older, she used books, fabrics and textures to push her boundaries. And to top it off, she found herself surrounded with artists who were able and willing to teach her more of what visual art could be, breaking boundaries all around her. Isha can proudly (and shyly) call herself a visual artist today.


Clare Ostroski

production assistant 

Clare Ostroski works in digital marketing and pop culture journalism. She is currently in her third year at UW-Madison, pursuing dual Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts and International Studies. Her undergraduate studies have centered around film studies and social politics in media. Clare has been extensively involved in communications, marketing, and community relations both in the Madison area and abroad. She has a dog named Davey Jones, and is waiting patiently for Greta Gerwig to win an Academy Award.